Dealwallet works with a network of top rated establishments in your cities to bring you the best deals, in the form of discounted vouchers. The deal usually lasts 24-48 hours giving you adequate time to invite your friends! All you have to do is check for messages from us where we will send you daily discount deal information. When you participate and buy the deal, we will email you a Dealwallet voucher within 24 hours, with your name and a unique id number on it which you need to hand over to the vendor.

This can be explained more explicitly with a 2 step mechanism:

1. THE DEAL: Each day, we inform you about an exclusive deal in your city, made available to you at an unbeatable saving!
2. BUY: Click the 'BUY!" button to book your deal by paying the amount either by credit card or debit card.

What's the concept behind Dealwallet showcases a great deal almost every day on some of the coolest restaurants, indulgent spas, trendiest gadgets and much more that your city has to offer – all at unbeatable savings!

Why should I use Dealwallet?
The Dealwallet team is working tirelessly to negotiate the best savings with some of the leading vendors in town; when you buy a deal on Dealwallet, you involuntarily help yourself and others get those unbelievable deals.